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from 600 UAH

Antistress set
250 uah
Cities Set
650 uah
Davos mini set
320 uah
Explorer set
400 uah
Festival set
330 uah
Gift set
250 uah
Kula Set
275 uah
Kunst set
250 uah
Optimist set
250 uah
Orion set
250 uah
Researcher set
200 uah
Romantic set
260 uah
Shevchenko set
540 uah
Spitler set
250 uah
Summer set
250 uah
Sunda Set
275 uah
Superhero set
415 uah
Week set
550 uah
Aragon short
70 uah
Bari short
70 uah
Flair short
70 uah
Flicks short
70 uah
Friday short
70 uah
Furphy short
70 uah
Grid short
70 uah
Hamilton set
200 uah
Jardin short
70 uah
Mullen short
70 uah
Naples short
70 uah
Octo short
70 uah
Old school set
200 uah
Rio short
70 uah
Tropic short
70 uah
Socks Bender
90 uah
100 uah
Socks Sammy Icon

Sammy Icon – the first socks for your vibrant self-expression. Surprise, excite, impress - in such socks you are all in power. During a busy day at the office, during a rest in the club, during the weekend in the estate or during an interesting travel to the world, the Sammy Icon socks will provide you with maximum comfort.

Ecological and unique
The Sammy Icon Divine Socks are made from hand-picked cleaner, high-quality cotton. The high quality of the weaving is provided by modern certified Italian equipment. Each pair of socks has a unique Swiss design, in which famous artists and illustrators are involved in designing, you will immediately emphasize your style and individuality once you wear your favorite Sammy Icon.

Models and sets for every taste
Each collection presents both female and male models of socks Sammy Icon. Choose your size, your favorite colors, impressing your inner world with prints. There are thematic positive sets of socks - for a banker and a hussar, there are some exquisite models, for example, Davos Red, there is a cozy Roxen Blue. Pick up your taste.

Untitled packing
It is possible to order your own set of socks Sammy Icon in individual package with a name inscription. You can buy it yourself or order it as a gift - it will be original.

Each step in your Sammy Icon Socks will be sure and appreciable. Choose the positive side of life with Sammy Icon!